Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design

A design refers to the features of a shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by any industrial process. If you register a design, you will be protecting the external appearance of the article. Registered Designs are used primarily to protect designs for industrial use.

Should you Register your Industrial Design?

By registering a design, you obtain a right to ownership and the right to prevent others from using the design without your permission. You can exploit your design in many ways. You may use it to better protect your market share by barring copying by others, license it to third parties for commercial returns or sell the design for a sum of money.

Criteria for Industrial Design?

1. The Design must be new –
The registered design must not have been registered in Malaysia or elsewhere, or published anywhere in the world before the date of application of the first filing.
2. Industrially applied onto an article –
The registered design has to be applied to an article by an industrial process.